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Concerns about the potential spread of COVID-19 has caused the Governor to order Wisconsin residents to exercise additional precautions during the months of March and April.  From his very first Tweet announcing this initiative, however, Governor Tony Evers has been quite clear and specific that he believes we should continue to give our dogs outdoor exercise both for the well being of the dog AND for the mental health of the dog owner.

In reading the Safer At Home document (click here to download), you will find at the top of Page 8 that section C addresses “Outdoor activity” and very clearly encourages you to get out with your dog so long as you comply with Social Distancing.

UPDATE:  The Governor’s extension of “Safer at Home” (click here to download) until May 26th contains much the same language.  Please see Page 11, Section C, again referring to “Outdoor Activity”.  We will continue to offer our rings for use by one owner or family and their dog(s) at a time.

At Dogwood Acres (about 10 minutes northwest of the Fox River Mall), we are opening up an outdoor 230 x 135 foot fully fenced area for individual use by dog owners and their canines.  This use is not for any kind of gathering – solely for one owner and their dog or dogs … 30 minutes at a time.  The space being made available is typically used for Dog Agility training and Events, common surfaces are being cleaned throughout the day.  Owners are expected to follow the “ground rules” of no shock collars, prong collars, or choke chains, no flexible leads beyond 6 feet, and all owners are expected to clean up after their dogs.

This “open field time” is being offered as good will to the community at a tough time for all of us.  We hope that you would make an offering for use of the field, but we are not setting a specific fee as we understand that many are facing financial difficulties from work stoppages.

If a dog / handler team has proven experience in the sport of agility, they may use the equipment by prior arrangement.  Teams without experience may use the space but the equipment would be off limits.

Click here to learn more about the grounds.

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If you would like to bring your dog or dogs out for some exercise in an open area, please fill out the form below.  In the message section, please indicate when you would like to come out (at least 12 hours lead time required), along with whether you would want to use the Agility equipment.  If you are experienced, please give us an indication of your level of training and where you have learned to play the sport.

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