Your Dog Should Bring You Joy!


The Rock Solid Dogs program is designed to help you develop a healthy and happy relationship with your dog.  Games, rewards, and fun activity are at the center of what we do.  Whether you want to train your new puppy the basic life skills or want to take on a challenging and highly enjoyable dog sport, we’re here for you!


Skills for Life

Your dog can become fun, friendly and focused through games and rewards.  The Rock Solid Dog will, by choice, prefer to spend time with you rather than seeking out distractions.  Our goal is to help your dog understand how to behave so your life together is easier and more pleasant.

Train for Agility

The sport of Dog Agility has become the fastest and most powerful way for a human and canine to develop a great relationship.  Teamwork, trust, and communication are at the core of playing this game and whether you want to take a competitive approach or simply are looking for a fulfilling way to burn off extra energy, we can help!

The Rock Solid Dog is:


Calm & Confident

Aware of its’ environment and doesn’t react frantically.  No barking, no leash pulling, makes good choices, conserves its’ energy.


Focused & Reliable

Remains “on task” and responsive to its’ owner first.  Defers to its’ owner for direction when it encounters a distraction.


Positive and displays Self Control

Presumes the best in a variety of situations, is balanced, reflects reality and has a fun nature!

Your dog can be the “talk of the town” … for GOOD reasons.  All it takes is some relationship building  with the right games to prepare you and your dog for the rest of your life together!

This photo truly does tell the story of what a Rock Solid Dog’s relationship with its’ owner should be.  Total focus and bond, waiting for the next “totally awesome” thing we’re going to do together!  (And look … no choke chain or prong collar needed!)

Do YOU want a Rock Solid Dog?


The Rock Solid Dog is one that everyone else wants.  Focused, calm, balanced, and fun!

There’s no time like NOW to start building a great relationship with your dog!


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