The Program

Positive Dog Training through Games and Relationship Building


You and your dog can have a better life together through games-based training, a reward intensive daily routine, and the power of a solid, focused relationship.  “But you don’t know how big our problems are” you might say.  Really?  I’ve been training dogs for nearly 20 years, was handed a choke chain the first time I set foot inside the local dog club, have worked with others who actively used prong collars on their dogs, had a dog that was tremendously sound reactive, and now have a dog who LOVES to walk with me, relaxed, focused, and couldn’t be more delightful.  I have tried both ways of training and have seen over and over which way is the most effective.

If you have tried to “yank and crank” your dog into submission and just don’t feel like you’re making the progress you want (insert Dr. Phil’s “How’s that workin’ for ya?” here) – I strongly encourage you to give this a try.  What, honestly, do you have to lose?

Your dog is no different than you.  Positive rewarding for good behavior is far more powerful and efficient than constantly “popping” a leash, yelling, or deprivation.  Just think about which boss you would rather work for or which spouse you would rather have waiting for you when you get home.

Most negative behaviors are the result of your dog’s needs not being properly met.  Your dog can’t sit you down and tell you what’s bothering them – they just do what they can to try to “cope” with their situation.  Dogs aren’t bad, mean, or manipulative by their nature, but what they do could be interpreted as such if we don’t understand why a dog is behaving in a certain manner.  We have to educate our dogs about appropriate behavior by rewarding what is wanted or desirable.  We have to help our dogs deal with stressful environments by conditioning them with positive experiences in those situations.  Much of this starts with “practicing” for the rest of their life in more controlled exercises.

Remember, we’re supposed to be the smarter species in this relationship – that means the responsibility is on US to communicate with  our dogs in a way that the dog can understand.  Our actions are far more significant than words!

Starting out, we will have one or more individual sessions to assess where you and your dog are at, what needs immediate attention, and how to start getting you on your dog on the right path.  When ready to work in a group situation, you can register for one of our SMALL group classes where your skills as an owner and relationship with your dog can grow, preparing both of you for a successful “rest of your life”.

It all starts with you filling in the “You and Your Dog” form.  When you do so, you will receive more info by email so we can get off to a great start in our first session!



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