Let’s Get Going!

This is the page where you can schedule your training time and reserve space in any of the classes we are planning to offer.

To sign up for a class: First click on the “Courses” tab below.  After clicking on “Courses”, you may select the class you want and the time you would like to attend.  All classes are a complete package, we ask that you pay in full at the time of registration.  We always do our best to accommodate if something comes up in your schedule or if a medical condition prevents you from completing a course.  When possible we will offer a time for a make-good session or give you the chance to come to the same class (or another appropriate class) on another day & time.

To sign up for personalized training: First click on the “Services” tab.  You may select either Individual Training (one dog) for 30 minutes or Family Training (two dogs from the same family) for 60 minutes.  Please note that it’s always most efficient for dogs at a similar level to train together.   Once you have selected the type of session you want to book, available times will be presented.  Help yourself!  We block out time when we are not available due to personal commitments, etc.  If you can’t find a time that works in your schedule – please use the Contact Us page to send a message with when you would like to train.  We will see what we can do to open up additional time by special arrangement.

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