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Whether you hope to compete in the sport of Dog Agility or are looking to have a confident, happy, and even tempered family member, everything in our training program is built upon the first cornerstone … Relationship.  Building a great relationship with your dog brings so much more than simply teaching “commands”.  We’re not programming robot dogs here, we’re creating a bond between you and a new canine family member so that your four-legged buddy behaves in ways that you desire.

Our Cornerstone 1: Relationship class covers much of what you might encounter in “Puppy Class” elsewhere.  We do focus on the essential skills and understandings you and your dog need to have between each other.  The difference lies in how we do it.  We use play, it’s a games-based approach to training.  Teaching in this manner draws your dog in to you as the source of all fun and goodness.  It encourages your dog to think, figuring out how to “earn” rewards, and because you are the source of all goodness – your dog will be WANTING to pay attention to you rather than you begging your dog for their focus.

The sport of dog agility is tremendous fun … being able to navigate a course with all kinds of climbing and jumping equipment looks very exciting to the spectator and it truly is a “rush” when you and your dog can spend 40 seconds in the ring successfully completing everything quickly and safely.  What most people who are new to the sport do not realize, however, is that all the “basics” (sit, stay, come, etc.) have to be firmly in place in order to make training the fancy stuff efficient and easy.  The process we use to train these basics both ensures your dog can do all the essential skills as well as building your relationship with your dog so they are confident in training and you can trust your dog will “be there” for you on the rest of your life’s journey!

Class Details

Six weekly one-hour sessions with 4 to 6 dogs will be offered beginning January 20, 2021 at 7 PM.  The price for the full session is $150, two instructors will guide the group.

Rock Solid Dogs Training

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