Meet our Team!

We are so proud of the Class of 2019 in our Rock Solid Dogs program.  They all have an extremely bright future in the sport of agility and in the process of training for the sport, have come to develop a closer relationship with their dogs and shaped a much happier home life with their canine family members!

These photos were taken at our NADAC Beginner’s Agility Test in September of 2019.  Our judge for that event, Ann Curtiss of Plymouth WI ( is included in each team’s photo.  Thanks for a great morning of fun, Ann!

Meg & Atari

Macy & Camille

Kazuko & Makwa

Kyle & Bravo

Katie & Henry

Cheri & Puck

Laurie & Caber

Bridget & Jack

Jennifer & Trapper

Jeff & 'Rita

Lead Instructor

Julie & Kaya

Team Leader

Dani & Keita

Team Leader

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